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Making a difference: The climate change SIG

Rather than feeling powerless in the face of the climate crisis, Martina Leeven reports how the Climate Change SIG has developed a three-pronged approach to help members deal better with their own eco-distress in order that they may be better equipped to help others. The Climate Change SIG was formed earlier this year after an overwhelming response to Martina's heartfelt message on Jiscmail during last summer's heatwave. It clearly demonstrated concern about climate change amongst members and a belief that there needs to be a space within the EMDR community to explore this difficult topic, what it means for us personally and professionally, and how we prepare for how it will inevitably and increasingly find its way into the work that we do going forward.  

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The Flash technique: Latest developments, research and misunderstandings 

The Flash technique continues to excite debate about how it fits in to the standard protocol and when it can or should be used. In this article, Justin Havens redresses some of the common misunderstandings.


Neuro EMDR: Applying EMDR therapy with clients who have impaired cognitive abilities  

Traumatic brain injury occurs more frequently than might be thought, almost 1000 admissions to UK hospitals every day. A whole range of external forces cause traumatic brain injury including blows to the head as a result of intimate partner violence. It is possible that we may be seeing many more people with this condition in our clinical practice than we realise. Jonathan Hutchins leads us through the research and shows how simple cognitive enhancement strategies may enhance EMDR in these individuals.

Focus on the climate crisis

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Hope as a verb

The Editor interviews two climate activists to discover what makes them tick.


Meaningful life is possible even in the face of existential threat

Patricia Downing reviews 'Generation Dread'. It is a challenging and informative read and a good place to start your 'climate change' journey.


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Publications database

Research News

The regular quarterly update on the latest EMDR research and how to use the EMDR publications database. Also a warning on potential pitfalls when using AI as a search engine.

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The different functions of supervision

Robin Logie sheds light on the different functions of EMDR supervision and shows us how to get the best out of our supervision time.


EMDR handbook promises to increase therapists’ competence and confidence

Any EMDR therapist who wishes to become, or support others in becoming, ‘more competent and confident’, will appreciate this slim book which addresses common therapist doubts about EMDR. The author, Rotem Brayer, is a practitioner, consultant and trainer with a mission to make EMDR work. Based on his experience that many therapists find EMDR too […]

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