Update from the Equality Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The last four months have been full of development. Of course, change and development that is sustainable happens over time and will continue to evolve. I am always grateful for members getting in contact to share their ideas, views and challenges. You can bet that if you are encountering an issue, there are others who probably are too, so I would encourage you to get in contact.  

Special interest groups 

It is a given that all special interest groups include equality, diversity and inclusion. However, through discussion and contact with members we have been able to pursue the possible formation of a Black and Asian SIG and there is continued talk about a neurodiversity SIG. Oenone Dudley is the Regional Group (RG) and Special Interest Group coordinator who you can contact to explore the possibility of setting up an EDI related SIG or RG. She would love to hear from you if you are interested in founding one of the possible SIGs mentioned above. Please contact Oenone for further information or support.

Support for registered charities 

A member contacted us regarding their dissatisfaction about Health Education England (HEE) offering funded training places to EMDR UK standards to NHS employees. They wondered why registered charities who are partnered with the NHS were not able to access the training also. Whilst EMDR UK Association has no link to the HEE training it is now considering whether the Association can support registered charities with a low income to access EMDR standard training. For this we are seeking one consultant and one trainer to join a short-life working group to explore the possibility. Please contact me via email to express an interest.  

Cost of living 

Due to the rise in the cost of living the membership fee for those with low income is being reviewed and will be in place from next year. In addition, webinars offered by the association will be reduced. Whilst SIGs and RGs can set their own fee for their webinars, the fee structure will be provided by way of guidance.  

EDI Survey 

We have had lots of feedback from members who completed the EDI survey. Thank you all for taking the time to do this. I do hope to be able to publish the results in the October edition of the ETQ.  

Accessible answerphone 

We have attempted to increase accessibility to the Association and an answerphone has been live since May 2023.  

Accessible answerphone number: 0151 372 6802 

This is an accessible answerphone line for those who cannot email the Association. The answerphone will be monitored Monday to Friday, not weekends and holiday periods. Please be mindful that queries will be responded to as soon as possible but may take a few days. If you are able to email, please do so at admin@emdrassociation.org.uk

Racial trauma 

We have been searching for EMDR presenters (practitioners, consultants, and trainers) in the UK to deliver webinars/events on racialised trauma and anti-racist psychotherapy using EMDR. Although there are some international speakers in the area, a lot of feedback from our diverse EMDR UK membership has been to have context-specific CPD events. As such we are searching for national EMDR therapists (practitioner, consultants, and trainers) who can either deliver a webinar in these areas or collaborate with a non-EMDR practitioner to deliver a context-specific webinar/event for the EMDR UK membership. We would also ask if there is anyone who is willing to present a webinar examining EMDR practice through an EDI lens. Please get in contact via email.   

Joining the board of trustees 

It is important that the Board represents the membership and I would encourage members to consider applying. There will shortly be an email sent to all members providing guidance on how to apply. 

Please be aware there is a process of reasonable adjustments and mitigating circumstances that members can access regarding personal circumstance. Please contact admin@emdrassociation.org.uk to be directed to the right person in relation to your query.  

Wishing you all a wonderful summer 

Heena Chudasama is the Chair of the EDI Committee