A year of living virtually

Some of us once baulked at the use of lightbars and headsets let the alone the virtual consulting space. Naomi Fisher muses on what the future might hold for online therapy when lockdown finally ends.


An integrative model of case formulation and the symptom-informed model of target sequencing

Andrew Leeds outlines an integrative model of case formulation which offers safe and effective individualised targeting sequences.

EMDR UK Annual Conference & Workshop 2021

Case study

Helping the helpers: maintaining mental health and wellbeing among first responders

Keynote 2: Overcoming the barriers to psychological health in the emergency services

Case study

Online EMDR works – it’s official!

Results of a service evaluation of online EMDR shows effectiveness.

Case study

Innovative education programme puts trauma first

Keynote 1: Clackmannanshire has recognised the impact of trauma on a child's ability to form relationships and to learn.


How COVID further complicates grief

Workshop 1: Past losses and attachment styles all affect how we process grief in the pandemic.


When all systems go: Adapting EMDR to work with complexity

How the interplay of affective systems should influence how we work with comples clients.



Polyvagal theory and why it feels so good to sing together

If not exactly Polyvagal Theory for Dummies, Stephen Porges has in this book distilled his theory for non-scientists, and that includes therapists. It comprises a transcribed series of interviews with Porges in which he explains to readers the origins of his inquiry into this field and the immense practical value of the theory in understanding […]



Should Flash be integrated into the Standard Protocol?

Should Flash be integrated into the Standard Protocol?

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