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From EMDR sceptic to convert: Shining the spotlight on Joanne Morris Smith

The C&A Committee celebrates the contribution of its founder over the past two decades. From an interview with Joanne, we hear how and why it all started. With contributions from colleagues telling how they have been inspired by her efforts and determination to have the children's voices heard.


Rethinking how to present client case reports

Narrative inquiry research methods can inform how we approach the task of writing a case report. Collaboration with our clients in this process is key to our understanding of the therapy process.

Clinical Trials

Developing the evidence base for attachment informed EMDR

Christine Ramsey-Wade shares news about a new study and calls for therapists and consultants to get involved.

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Case study

Healing the wounds of rejection

Ian Plagaro shows how addressing formative attachment wounds facilitates developmental repair.

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An EMDR Poem

Christina is new to creative writing. She shared this poem during a supervision session and was encouraged to share it with ETQ readers.

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Committee updates

Scientific & Research Committee Update

The Scientific & Research Committee has been busy. Ben Wright provides an update.



Andrew Leeds’ Research News

Read the latest EMDR research published on Andrew Leeds’ blog, on the website of the Sonoma Psychotherapy Training Institute, which he directs. The blog gives abstracts and links to recently published papers. There are 10 new articles related to EMDR therapy, many of which have links to the open access full text article.

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We’re always looking for new authors. If you’ve seen, read or developed something in the EMDR field, we’d love to hear from you.

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