Is EMDR an anti-racist therapy? 

Olatunde Spence is a Black EMDR therapist and activist. In this personal article she shares her journey to activism and teaches us about racial trauma and the difference between being passively 'not racist' and actively 'anti-racist'. This is a direct challenge to us as individuals and as an organisation to change the status quo.

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Evidence to support EMDR as a primary intervention in adults with childhood trauma: Results of a service evaluation  

Oleen Miranda-Stone shares the overwhelmingly positive outcomes from a pilot service that used EMDR to address the trauma arising from ACEs in a population who just did not fit in with the services that were already on offer. Not only did PTSD symptoms reduce significantly, but the lives of the clients improved dramatically too.


Vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout: Tools for EMDR therapists

Vicarious trauma is a common experience and a predictable risk for EMDR therapists due to the high percentage of clients seeking EMDR for posttraumatic stress disorder or complex PTSD. In this article, Lee Anna Simmons and Oliver Wright draw on their personal experiences as therapists and trainers and share their knowledge on identifying and preventing vicarious trauma.



EMDR training in a box

For therapists who work with clients with complex PTSD and dissociative personality structures, this new concept in EMDR training and learning is reviewed here by Sonya Farrell.


Bespoke supervision handbook for EMDR practitioners

Andrew Wilkinson gives the thumbs up for Robin Logie's new book.


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Committee updates

Update from the Equality Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Heena Chudasama shares some of the EDI committee initiatives and progress this quarter.

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Publications database

Research News

EMDR publications database The EMDR Publications Database has been developed collaboratively using the expertise of the Sheffield School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) and is provided as a free resource for Association members. Almost 600 members have signed up so far, and hopefully as reports of its usefulness spread, more of you will use […]

Committee updates

Advancing EMDR research and practice: Reflections and the future

As Ben Wright stands down as Chair of the Scientific Committee, he reviews the achievements of the committee and outlines the strategic vision for the Association for the next few years.

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Enabling with the Lionesses 

In his regular column, Robin Logie reveals his interest in women's football and shows how the compassionate leadership of The Lionesses' coach can be an example for EMDR supervisors.

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