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Caring for the carers: EMDR in the context of a pandemic

Summer 2021

Professor Brandon Hamber's keynote address drew parallels between the wider impacts of conflict and those of the pandemic. Amie Smith elaborates from her experience of working with frontline NHS staff.

No spiders were harmed in the making of this experiment

Summer 2021

Frightening undergraduates with spiders sheds light on how EMDR does its magic. Report by Jessica Woolliscroft

New ideas on the role of BAS and a proposed new mechanism for EMDR

Summer 2021

Does BAS merely destabilise a memory? Omar Sattaur reports on new animal research into the mechanism of EMDR

More evidence for intensive EMDR in complex PTSD

Summer 2021

Daily therapy, intense physical activity plus psychoeducation sessions. Professor Ad de Jongh provides evidence for Psytrec's success in treating CPTSD. Report by Jessica Woolliscroft