Update from the Equality Diversity and Inclusion Committee

March brought with it the annual EMDR UK conference, this year in York. It was a pleasure not only to hear national, international and diverse presenters but also to meet members of the Association who were able to attend in person.

Conference York 2024

Marian Tobin, the past chair of the Conference Committee, has been able to confirm that the conference recording and material will be available for three months rather than the usual one month. The conference material will be available until 17 June 2024. CPD events will also allow recordings to be available for three months; a start date for this is yet to be confirmed.

CPD and events

All CPD events that require EMDR UK CPD points will be asked to reflect on EEDI (equality, equity, diversity and inclusion) in both the delivery and content of the event. This will also correspond with the evaluation form to gain feedback from those who attended.

Evaluations for CPD

The evaluation feedback form for CPD events now incorporates some EEDI related questions. Please use the evaluation form to share your experience and views for consideration in future events, delivery and areas of development. If you need support completing the form, please email admin@emdrassociation.org.uk via the digitised answerphone service.

EEDI website

We are now entering a phase of EEDI website presence and development. Any contributions are welcomed and encouraged. This page is to offer guidance and support to EMDR therapists. Please share your resources on the forum too. While EDI aims to be present throughout the whole form, a separate section will also be available soon. This may be a place to share resources and open discussions in a safe and brave space.

Board equality data

Following the formation of the new board of trustees, an equality questionnaire was circulated. We asked the board of trustees to complete an equality data survey so we could understand the makeup of the board. These results will be available shortly, and we will be asking members to complete a similar survey soon to further understand the makeup of the membership. This will enable us to try and work towards a board that is representative of its membership.

SLWG: Guidance

We are working hard on developing some tip sheets on accessibility to events for the Association. These will be shared with regional and special interest groups when they are ready.

EMDR Europe standard training

Having been in correspondence with EMDR Europe, EEDI is now on the agenda regarding the content and delivery of standard training, and we can let you know about further developments as they occur.


We are searching for national EMDR therapists (practitioners, consultants, and trainers) who can either deliver a webinar or collaborate with non-EMDR therapists to deliver a webinar related particularly to EEDI (equity, equality, diversity and inclusion). Please get in contact via email to express your interest. If you are a member of the Association, you are also able to deliver a webinar/event in conjunction with your consultant supervisor. This is a great opportunity for consultant supervisors to support their supervisees growth and assist in sharing knowledge in our EMDR UK community.   

Regional groups and special interest groups

Kamla Dadral continues to coordinate the reflective space for ethnically minoritised EMDR UK members to share their narratives and processes but also to think about the next steps as a group. Please contact Kamla Dadral via email to find out more or to join the reflective group.

Having attended both the regional and special interest group meetings recently, all of whom are volunteers, I need a team around and with them to avoid compassion fatigue and burnout. Working collectively and supporting each other in the work we do enables progression, care and compassion to grow within the EMDR UK community. Please connect with the RG or SIG group to offer support.

Accessible answerphone

We have attempted to increase accessibility to the Association, and an answerphone has been live since May 2023.

Accessible answerphone number: 0151 372 6802

This accessible answerphone line is for those who cannot email the Association. The answerphone will not be monitored at weekends or during holiday periods. Please be mindful that queries will be responded to as soon as possible but may take a few days. If you are able to email, please do so at: admin@emdrassocation.org.uk

Please be aware that there is a process of reasonable adjustments and mitigating circumstances that members can access. Please contact admin@emdrassociation.org.uk to be directed to the right person in relation to your query.

Heena Chudasama, Chairperson of the EDI Committee hchudasama@emdrassociation.org.uk