Climate crisis resources:Winter 2024

Being a Therapist in a Time of Climate Breakdown is a publication that will enable therapists and mental health professionals across a range of modalities to engage with their own thoughts and feelings about climate breakdown and consider how it both changes and reinforces aspects of their therapeutic work.
BPS article on working with children and young people.
The Climate Mental Health Network: Emotional Resources for therapists and clients.
Emotional Wheel (client resources).
The impact of climate change on mental health and emotional wellbeing.
Climate Psychology Handbook.
CPA  North America. Essential Readings in Climate Psychology (updated page)
Intersectionality and Climate (new resource page)
PSC (Psychology for a Safe Climate- Australia)
Does the way we talk about the climate crisis numb people with fear, rather than energising them?
People get Real.
The Climate Majority Project: setting the stage for an urgent mainstream climate movement.