Update from the Equality Diversity and Inclusion Committee

It was wonderful meeting some of you at the EMDR UK conference 2023 in Glasgow. Thank you for those who took time to come and talk with me and those who sought me out online.  

It was heartening to hear some of the speakers incorporating the EDI perspective.  Hearing Rebecca Kase respond to questions regarding polyvagal therapy and integrating a little thought about unconscious biases and decolonialising therapy/diagnosis was a pleasure. She also touched on learning and linking it back to issues of social construction which of course need to be considered within the client’s context.  

Naomi Fisher and Caroline van Diest spoke about ASC and the wonderful work they are doing in promoting using EMDR with those on the spectrum. As a result, several delegates spoke with me about a need to support self-care amongst neurodivergent therapists. The EDI committee will now address this. Other delegates spoke about racialised trauma and how it manifests through the therapeutic profession. It is imperative that we acknowledge and explore this and that we keep having these conversations! 

We are also pleased to share that the association will be piloting an accessible answerphone line for members who are not able to email the association. The number is 0151 372 6802. The answerphone will be monitored Monday to Friday but not weekends and holiday periods. Please be mindful that enquiries will be responded to as soon as possible but may take a few days. If you are able to email, please do so on admin@emdrassociation.org.uk

The EDI survey concluded on 17 April and we received 560 responses. Thank you to everyone who completed the survey. The outcome will be shared in the coming months. The survey and the feedback will contribute to making informed decisions within the association.  

The committee is also working on how to further embed EDI within the association and work towards systemic change. As always please do reach out as we are eager to learn about your intersectional experiences.  

We have some wonderful EDI related webinars that Maxine Sherell has arranged and can be found here . We continue to look for national speakers to deliver webinars relating to EDI but particularly areas regarding (as requested by members): 

  • Selfcare as a neurodivergent therapist 
  • EMDR and racialised trauma 
  • EMDR and Menopause 
  • EMDR standard protocol through an EDI lens.

If you are an accredited practitioner or consultant with an interest in the areas above or any other EDI-related areas and may consider presenting, writing, or sharing your experiences about these areas, please do get in contact. 

For any further information or to get in contact about anything mentioned above please email me on hchudasama@emdrassociation.org.uk