EMDR South West Association 

EMDR South West Association was formed to support EMDR therapists in the south west by arranging affordable and accessible CPD opportunities to meet accreditation requirements and also to enable EMDR therapists to meet together to network. Although during the pandemic we met online, our usual venue for hosting workshops is in the delightful setting of Buckfastleigh Abbey in Devon, where there is a well-resourced conference centre which provides a very nice buffet lunch, catering for a wide variety of dietary needs. We have members coming from all areas of the south west, such as the north of Cornwall and south Somerset, and so this has proved to be a good location and a popular venue.

As a committee we try to arrange between two or three CPD workshops a year and look for members to let us know what they would like. Our last CPD workshop of the year 2022 was run by Alex Button on interweaves which was very interesting and well attended with over 40 members coming that day, and lots of positive feedback. We have our own regional AGM coming up in February and have included a half day workshop by John Campbell-Beattie on ‘When words can hinder’ which we are looking forward to. As one of the long-standing committee members John has very kindly run many CPD events for us over the years and these are always very popular.

We recently bought a selection of lovely EMDR text books from a retiring member and now have a small library that members can borrow books from and return at each CPD event. This has been a success, although we are still working out how to best do this as we seem to have lost track of a few books already! We are also developing our own small newsletter to keep in contact with members and share interesting bits and pieces.

We have our own Facebook page: EMDR South West, with over 180 members, where we always post our forthcoming workshops and booking links. We also have a blog page http://EMDRsouthwest.blogspot.com/ . Please do join our Facebook group or take a look at the blog if you would like to see what we are planning. At our last workshop members agreed to allow us to email directly as of course not everyone uses Facebook or gets notifications of our posts. Our email address is southwestEMDR@gmail.com if you would like to get in touch with us.

The south west is a lovely part of the country for a holiday so why not come to one of our wonderful workshops in Devon, everyone is welcome !

Sally Sampson is a EMDR South West committee member. southwestemdr@gmail.com