A Note from the Editor

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You may notice a difference in this issue of the ETQ. It is my first one as Editor and I have been on a steep learning curve (not helped by having covid, which thankfully has gone). Out of my learning I have developed a deep respect for the previous editor Omar Sattaur. Attempting to fill his shoes is no easy task. He is well-connected and active within the EMDR community which all helps when it comes to sourcing the interesting and informative material that has filled the ETQ during his tenure. I wish him well in his future endeavours and hope that I can do this job even half as well as he has done.

Being new to the role means that this issue is somewhat slimmer than previous editions, but no less thought-provoking. Annabel McGoldrick offers a well-argued opinion piece in response to the Council of Scholars position paper 2021; inviting us to consider how EMDR psychotherapy might be informed by an Internal Family Systems approach. It is the first of a two-parts and I would encourage you to read it critically. I feel sure that that this will raise some interesting debate. Does EMDR not already talk about ‘parts work’, albeit with different terminology? Please respond through ETQ. It is important that we remain open and curious and have a transparent discourse on subjects such as this.

Russ Hurn shares his personal reflections on the EMDR Europe Conference, and I offer a precis of the three keynote presentations.  All of whom approached the construct of resilience from different angles.

Our dear colleague Sian Morgan was awarded the Trauma Aid Europe Humanitarian Award for 2022. Tessa Prattos has kindly given me permission to reproduce the citation. I had no idea just how much Sian had achieved, and it was moving to hear that she was aware of the award before she died.

My intention for future issues is to have them filled with articles, opinion pieces, case studies, book reviews and whatever else you would like to see. I follow the Jiscmail conversations closely and it is evident that many of you write extremely well on diverse topics that could be worked up into articles.

 If you would like to make suggestions or to write for ETQ, please do email me at editor@emdrassociation.org.uk .

In the meantime, I do hope that you enjoy this Summer 2022 issue.