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Climate change resources

Autumn 2023

Resources to help build knowledge in this area and support you as therapists.

Update from the Climate Change SIG

Autumn 2023

Using our collective power The Climate Minds Coalition  The SIG has been busy linking in with an emerging coalition of mental health organisations representing practitioners, called The Climate Minds Coalition. The purpose of this coalition is to amplify our united professional voice towards UK policymakers, parliamentarians, the media and the public on the climate emergency […]

Update from the EMDR and Pain SIG 

Autumn 2023

In 2022, a long dormant EMDR and Pain SIG was re-ignited, and I’m pleased to say we now have over 160 EMDR therapists on the mailing list for our group. We have a mixture of experiences in the group, from those new to using EMDR with pain, to group members who have been working in […]