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Beverly Coghlan

A note from the editor

Winter 2024

The Editor issues a call for members to write for ETQ and highlights the contents of this issue.

Climate crisis resources:Winter 2024

Winter 2024

Up to date climate crisis resources for members who want to find out more.

Update from the Climate Crisis SIG

Winter 2024

The Climate Change SIG has changed its name to The Climate Crisis SIG. Find out why here.

hand drawn graphic showing dissociation continuum from everyday dissociation to dissociative disorders

Update from the Dissociation SIG

Winter 2024

Sharon Croskin introduces us to the newly formed Dissociation SIG.

headshot of robin logie

The educating function of supervision

Winter 2024

Robin Logie gives us another master class in the art of EMDR supervision; this time with a focus on the educating function. A must-read for supervisors and supervisees alike.

wordle of diversity equity and inclusion

Update from the Equality Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Winter 2024

The EDI Committee is busy working behind the scenes, and here we catch a glimpse into its recent activities.