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Our ethical obligation in research and practice

Spring 2024

We may not consider ourselves to be researchers, but nonetheless, Heena Chudasama shows clearly that whatever our role in the research process, whether as active researchers, commissioners or consumers, we have an ethical obligation to decolonise the process. This is the first of a two part article.

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Considerations for the use of EMDR in processing racial and other socially inflicted traumas

Spring 2024

Not all trauma is the same. In the first of her two part article, Amal Wartalska guides us through important considerations when working with people who have experienced socially inflicted trauma. She argues that without due consideration to these issues as therapists, we risk reinforcing the trauma that people have already suffered.

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A note from the guest editor

Spring 2024

A summary of this edition from guest editor Heena Chudasama.

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Every therapist should have a copy

Spring 2024

A review of Myira Khan's book 'Working within Diversity'.