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young black man reading from lap top wearing headphones in a library

Encouraging practising EMDR post-training

Winter 2024

Nicola Dyson is an accredited EMDR consultant who is concerned about the number of new EMDR trainees who fail to put their learning into practice. She identifies some barriers to practice and offers practical solutions.

human evolution from monkey to man with starry sky in the background and silhouette of a head and brain

What’s in a name? Process matters

Winter 2024

In this article, Mark Brayne sets out his stall and argues that attachment is at the heart of all the work we do as EMDR therapists and therefore should be an integral component of the training programme.

man using scissors to change the word i can't to i can

Personal reflections on my EMDR training

Winter 2024

Charlotte Warburton tells us about her positive experience of EMDR training.

book cover polyvagal informed emdr by rebecca kase

PVT supercharges EMDR

Winter 2024

This concepts in this book are immediately useful in practice says Catherine Matheson.

Racialised trauma is ignored

Winter 2024

Olatunde Spence writes a thoughtful response to an article on vicarious trauma that was published in the last issue of ETQ