Advertise in ETQ

General policy for all media

To be accepted, an advert must be more than 50% related to EMDR. Adverts will be excluded if they involve recruitment, non-mental health products or might cause offence. There may be other exclusions and the Association will reserve the right to refuse adverts without giving a reason.

EMDR Therapy Quarterly

By advertising in ETQ you will reach a specialist audience of EMDR practitioners numbering 4000 and rising.

Adverts will account for no more than 25% of the Journal.

Adverts for events organised by EMDR Association (including Regional Groups, Sections or Special Interest Group events) and Trauma Aid UK & Ireland are free of charge.

For all other ads, we are offering a new package to advertisers comprising an ad on the homepage of EMDR Therapy Quarterly and space on a dedicated page for advertisers on the UK Association website. Ads on the homepage will ‘rotate’ everey four seconds, allowing each advertiser fair exposure. Clicking on the ad will take the reader to your desired URL (as will be the case for ads on the UK Association website).

The cost to advertisers will be £250 for 3 months (equivalent to one ‘edition’ of ETQ) or £600 for 12 months (equivalent to four editions of ETQ).


Advertisers should provide ads in a square format – 380px x 380 px. Please keep ads brief – note that at this modest size more than a few words (e.g. 10 words) will be difficult to read. Your logo and a slogan or short message will serve to attract the eye and encourage the reader to click on your ad which will then take them to your website (or web page of your choice) where you can provide as much detail as you require.

Bear in mind that if you use a coloured background it is important to set any text indented from the outer border or it will not look good (the words will run right up to the edge of the tint).

Contact if you have any queries.

Direct e-mailings to membership from administrator

No charge for any adverts

Adverts for the services of an individual EMDR therapist or supervisor who charges a fee for such a service will not be accepted.

‘Future Events’ list attached to President’s Mailing

No charge

‘Future Events’ list on website

No charge